A little late to the party but Bravo! Hysterical, just love ridiculing The Pillow Guy because he's so pathetic and loony tunes. You had some great lines, which I highlighted and won't repeat here. But this was the best thing I've read in a long time that had me ROTFLMAO. These days we all need a good laugh. Otherwise all we'd be doing is crying because of the peril our democracy is in.

And oh, I'm going right out to buy My Pillows for all my friends. That is if I can find any for sale. NOT! LOL

Thanks for brightening up my day!

I haven't read such an amusing and hysterical piece in a long time. I love that The Pillow Guy was your victim, which of course he loves to play.

Some great lines:

He could have rectified the HORRIBLE customer service that caused so many complaints on the Better Business Bureau that the BBB revoked their accreditation as a company, and possibly, as humans in general. ROTFLMAO

Then — Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Pill-O-Hut, JC Penney’s, Kroger, The Ozzy Bat Emporium & Haberdashery, Wayfair, Ezekiel’s Olde Pillow Cabin, Walmart, Target, etc… all stopped carrying MyPillow products due to not being sure they didn't contain ebola and being sure they were cursed by demons. Probably other reasons too. ROTFLMAO

And oh, I'm rushing right out to buy a lot of My Pillows to give them as gifts, assuming I can find any for sale. NOT!

No, keep writing about it! Everybody needs to at least read what is happening, whether they agree or not. Perhaps some will see the light, some will not. That's their loss because when we no longer have a democracy, they won't be treated any better than the rest of us. We'll all be cogs in the wheel and they'll be going, "Wait, I supported you and drooled all over for you. What do you mean you're sending me to the gulags?"

I don't always agree with you but on this I do and none of should take our eye off the ball and believe this is a fleeting a moment in our history. It's not.

If Matt Gaetz isn't insane, he sure as hell acts like it. I'm so tired of these spoiled rotten narcissists mucking up our democracry. There should be some kind of 'sanity' test that politicians must take before they are allowed to run for office. In my dreams...

I have a 'thing' for Manchin and that 'thing' is not nice. He's a DINO, through and through and does not deserve the title of Democrat behind or before his name. He's recalcitrant and is preventing, along with Sinema, any of Biden's agenda getting passed with his BS about bipartisanship. All of the dems should realize by now that the rethugs ARE NOT going to lift a finger to get Biden's agenda passed - instead they obstruct yet again. And after 4 years of obstructing Obama's administration, you have to give the rethugs credit - they're damn good at what they do.

But Manchin is a turncoat. Thanks for this article, I did not know these things about him. Wished I lived in W Virginia just so I could vote against that turncoat.

It truly is some scary shit. With all the lies, disinformation and voting restrictions being passed, the deck is stacked. Now just who will make that house of cards come tumbling down? I'm not so sure the dems have it in them to bring it down. Why they are tip toeing around the tulips is absolutely beyond me when so many of us can see clearly what may come down the pike.

Great piece, Carenl!

Sally Pina

Retired, extremely liberal and a political junkie. Love the animal kingdom and every living thing on our planet, except maybe insects.

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