Great article with lots and lots of food for thought. I grew up in Houston and even back all those many years ago, I always knew Texas was bat shit crazy. That's why I left almost 50 decades ago and never looked back. Ironically, I moved to the Bay Area in 1973, the year Roe v Wade was upheld.

Now Texas has proven me right with these draconian abortion laws and voting restriction laws, all of which have survived, up to this point, making it even more bat shit crazy. Putting private citizens in charge of preventing abortions is beyond the pale.

I'm not sure I agree with other commenters that the courts will straighten this out. What the court (meaning judges, since they are the ones who rule on whether a case can be filed) should do is simply throw out all the cases citing lack of standing. And hopefully, other states, particularly blue ones, will make it so information a private citizen seeks in order to sue someone getting an abortion is impossible to get due to privacy laws that are strictly enforced. Without that information, there is no basis to sue allowing judges to throw the cases out due to lack of standing.

Any way you look at this, it stinks to high heaven and I can only hope that it all back fires in their faces and they eat lots of crow.

Retired, extremely liberal and a political junkie. Love the animal kingdom and every living thing on our planet, except maybe insects.